Crucifixion Icon

At 45 years of age, my perspective of life has change quite a bit. While I still have many characteristics that I had when I was a child. They have matured and broaden from many years of experience and education. So although I am still the same person, I am a Richard James Bond that […]


Cultivating Cultural Gardens Paintings

I was invited to participate in a annual show titled 4 Square Makers at The Mulberry Cultural Arts Center in June and July. The theme of the show is “Cultivating Cultural Gardens”. I decided to start with watercolor and ink. I painted each wooden surface with watercolor; one square red, one blue, one purple, and […]

Couple of Ducks

To some two mating ducks are a symbol of love, affection, and marriage. That is why I chose to create this painting. This painting is about love, marriage, and the journey of life within this Holy Sacrament.